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Birth Asphyxia - "Human Obelisk" CD
Hostile Eyes - "Disobedience" CD
Glossectomy - "Impediments From Dysplasia” CD
Gorevent - "Abnormal Exaggeration" CD
Gorevent - "Worship Paganism" CD
Medic Vomiting Pus - "Thoracoabdominal Viscerectomy" DigiSleeveCD
Veiyadra - "Gehenna" CD
Myocardial Infarction - "Cannibalistic Gore of Grotesque" CD
Gorevent - "Dull Punishment " SlipcaseCD
Gorevent - "Dull Punishment " DigiCD

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Asia, Guam, Midway
710 yen (Registered + Air Mail.)

Oceania, North America, the inside United States, the Middle East, Europe
810 yen (Registered + Air Mail.)

Africa, South America
1210 yen (Registered + Air Mail.)